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Bowel Irrigation Products

Runfold Plastics is a manufacturer of bowel irrigation products. We are able to provide full product design and application solutions using a specialist plastic processing system. We assemble and pack the bowel irrigation products in our cleanroom.

Working closely with distributors we find the best delivery solution and catheter design. Our years of experience and knowledge of design, application and market awareness makes Runfold Plastics an ideal company to partner with. We can help your company to fulfill its market and customer requirements.

  • System design – Full delivery system from water bag, control system to catheter.
  • Ergonomic design – Easy application of catheters.

Rectal Catheters

Runfold Plastics is a manufacturer of rectal catheters.  The rectal catheters are used with delivery systems.  This is an effective method of keeping bowel movements regular and predictable. This is also known as trans anal irrigation. Read more

Rectal Mini Cones

We can provide a range of mini cones for rectal irrigation. The cones are used with hand bulbs to deliver a measured amount of water into the lower bowel. These can be manufactured to your specification. Read more

Stoma Irrigation Cones

Runfold Plastics can manufacture for distributors, irrigation cones used for irrigation of the stoma. Our irrigation cones have the advantage of a soft tip along with a firm base therefore giving the benefits of ease of use and a more comfortable application. Read more

Bowel Irrigation Systems

To support our range of rectal catheters for bowel irrigation we can design, manufacture and assemble the delivery system for bowel irrigation.  The design implementation can involve bag design, connections, function of the system and packing. Read more

Please contact us if you are a user of these products and would like further information.  We can give you details of companies with medical teams who will be able to help you.