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Caps for Protection

Runfold Plastics has been manufacturing and supplying plastic caps for protection for 40 years. We have a comprehensive range of standard dip moulding tools to suit a variety of applications with uses such as end caps or thread protectors.

Protection caps can be used in paint spraying applications, tube covers, pipe capping, for machine paint finishing applications, transit protection, road signage caps and automotive caps for final assembly.

Plastic Caps and Sleeves

A complete range of designs and sizes are available.  Please contact us with your project requirements. Made from PVC these caps are durable and flexible.  Instructions or your company logo can be printed on the caps.

Designs and Types – Caps for Protection

  • Angle Caps
  • Electrical Connector Caps
  • End Caps
  • EZ Tab Caps
  • Grab Tab Caps
  • Long Caps
  • Pull Tab Vinyl Plastic Caps
  • Rectangular Caps
  • Short Caps
  • Square Caps
  • Square Sleeves
  • Vented Caps

Colour Choice

We offer a wide selection of colours and have grades of materials available in gloss, matt, semi matt and textured.

Our standard range of dip moulding tools will provide most sizes required. Please contact us if you require a different size or would like to discuss your product specification in more detail.

We work in partnership with our customers to provide large volume quantities for call-off stock orders.

Please take a look at the Technical Performance Material Summary Sheet. (PDF)