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Custom Plastic Moulded Grips

We offer a complete range of custom plastic moulded grips manufactured using our custom dip moulding process, for all types of applications, from general tubing to custom profiles, and also non-standard applications. We have a complete range of shore hardness’s and colours. Plus, we provide the ability to print customers’ logo on your manufacture plastic moulded grips.

Standard and custom manufactured grips including:

  • Plastic Barrel Type GRB Grips
  • Plastic Cushioned Pommel Type GCP Grips
  • Custom Plastics Grips
  • Plastic Custom Toggle Clamp Grips
  • Plastic Hanging Eyelet GRE Grips
  • Plastic Finger Nubbed GRF Grips
  • Plastic Kiddie Finger Nubbed GKG Grip
  • Plastic Pommel Type GRP Grips
  • Plastic Ripple Type GRR Grips