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The Dip Moulding Process; from enquiry to finished plastic product

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Quality, Knowledge and Expertise

Our dip moulding process begins with your enquiry. We will discuss your project requirements with you providing feedback from each stage therefore ensuring quality and commercial value.

  • Helping Hand
    In-house Engineering Team
    Design Service
    CAD Design
    Consultative Product Design
    Project Management
  • Arrow
  • Creating a tool
    Prototype Tool Manufactured 
    Pattern Making and Castings
    CNC Turning
    CNC Milling
    Welding and Fabrication
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  • Tool being dipped
    Sample Plastic Product Manufactured
    Sample product dip moulded from prototype tool
    Samples sent to customer for approval
  • Cleanroom
    Product Device Assembly
    Tip Forming
    Balloon Bonding
    Device Testing
    Process Management System
    Medical and Healthcare products and services
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  • Sewing
    Secondary Operations
    Adhesive Bonding
    Pad Printing
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  • Complete tool storage on site
    Production Tooling Made
    Receipt of sample approval from customer
    Production tooling made
    Plastic products manufactured