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PVC Moulded Bellows and Rubber Moulded Bellows

For a number of years, using the PVC dip moulding process we have provided the specialist solution of producing rubber moulded bellows, PVC moulded bellows and gaiters. Applications vary from automotive, off road vehicles through to specialised equipment.

  • The benefit of low cost tooling with our in-house tooling capability makes our process cost effective for any new product development
  • Cost effective process for industrial and medical protection requirements
  • Wide range of performance materials oil resistant to cold temperature
  • Medical approved materials FDA, USP Class 6 and Antibacterial Grades
  • 25 years of experience in the design of moulded bellows and gaiters; proven application experience with end users
  • Integrated product design and manufacture

PVC dip moulding is an alternative to specified Neoprene – EPDM and silicone moulded rubber bellows

PVC Moulded Bellows and Rubber Moulded Bellows Applications

  • PVC bellows for back stems on chairs
  • PVC gaiter floor cleaning equipment
  • PVC bellows lorry tail lift platforms
  • Custom rubber bellows protection for custom machine equipment
  • Rubber Moulded bellows protection of moving springs

Services Available

  • Design service for new products

Materials Available

  • Standard Black 9 (65 Shore)
  • Standard Black 7 (85 Shore for a stronger supported profile shape)
  • Zero Halogen