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PVC Plastisol Coatings

The coating of metal substrate components with PVC Plastisol is unique to Runfold Plastics and is a process that coats metalwork in a rubberised coating of thicknesses of 0.5mm to 5mm, depending on the size, profile and weight of the substrate component.

PVC Plastisol coating is a good electrical insulator, which has many applications within the electrical industry and the construction industry.

The coated PVC Plastisol material has very good corrosive resistance with particular reference to acid and alkaline solutions. The material once coated will have good impact resistance and flexibility to impact.

The process for PVC Plastisol coating is the same as a PVC moulded component with the exception of the coating not being removed from the profile substrate.

We offer the ability to provide a complete solution of supply of substrate, for example, the picture below indicates a fully coated copper busbar.

Bus-bar cover for fork lift truck

Grades available are:

Fire retardant grades to UL-94-V0. Other grades in shore hardnesses are available from 45 Shore to 95 Shore. A good range of colours is also available.

Other benefits that this process offers include:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Electrical resistance
  • Soft touch feel
  • Wear resistance.

Plastic coatings applications

  • Electrical tools for live working
  • Grab handle grips
  • PVC lead blocks
  • PVC lead ballast
  • Mobility metal work frame coating – shower rooms
  • Plastic jigs.