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Industrial Dip Moulding

Runfold Plastics works with companies to provide solutions across a range of industries and applications.

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PVC Moulded Bellows and Rubber Moulded Bellows

For a number of years, using the PVC dip moulding process we have provided the specialist solution of producing rubber moulded bellows, PVC moulded bellows and gaiters. Applications vary from automotive, off road vehicles through to specialised equipment.

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Cuffs for Ducting & Hoses

Using custom dip moulding we provide ducting cuffs and hose cuffs for a variety of uses from ventilation, fume extraction (for use in pharmaceutical, electronics and engineering industries) through to automotive applications.

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Custom Plastic Moulded Grips

We offer a complete range of custom plastic moulded grips manufactured using our custom dip moulding process for all types of applications, from general tubing to custom profiles, and also non-standard applications. We have a complete range of shore hardness’s and colours. Plus, we provide the ability to print customers’ logo on your manufacture plastic moulded grips.

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Custom Dip Moulding

At Runfold Plastics we work with customers to find solutions for customised projects.

Applications have included gas gun, belt housing for a fall arrester retractor and…

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Crash Barrier End Caps and Covers

We manufacture the complete range of crash barrier end caps / covers including the I beam, Z cap and fin type. The end caps are available in various lengths; 125 mm, 240 mm and 320 mm, we can also provide dip moulding to your specific requirements.

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PVC Plastisol Coating

Runfold Plastics has the unique capability of over coating metal work providing a thick durable coating.  Applications include PVC lead blocks and electrical tools for living working.

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