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Towball Covers Manufacture

Runfold Plastics is a leading towball cover manufacturer, supplier and distributor.  We manufacture a wide range of towball covers for the towbar market.

All covers are made using our custom dip moulding process which provides flexible grades of PVC with a range of shore hardnesses to suit the application. We have an in-house printing operation so your company logo can be printed on to the product. Additional products available for this market are protection caps, sleeves for cycle carriers, custom hitch lock covers, towing hitch locks and wheel nut covers.

Standard towball covers and socket covers

Standard Fit Towball
Standard Fit Towball Covers

  • The standard fit towball cover is one of our most selected products
  • It provides a good fit on to the standard two bolt flange system
  • Fits standard 50 mm towball flange system.

Long Neck Towball
Alko Long Neck Type Towball Covers

  • Designed for the long neck towball versions often used for built in systems
  • Suitable for the extra clearance required for cycle attachments using the two bolt flange fixture
  • Product has a sleek profile shape and is easy to fit
  • Compatible with Alko.

Profiled Shape for Standard Fit Towball
Profiled Shape Towball Covers for Standard Fit

  • Designed to provide customers a sleeker look to the standard towball cover
  • The product has a sleek profile shape and is easy to fit
  • It will fit standard 50 mm towball flange fixture system.

Swan Neck Towball Cover
Swan Neck Towball Covers

  • Designed for detachable swan neck balls
  • Provides protection of the ball during transit or when mounted on the car.

Shield Type Standard Fit Towball
Shield Type Standard Fit Towball Covers

  • The shield type standard cover fits all 50 mm towballs based upon the two bolt fixture system
  • It has a durable design and is easy to fit
  • With a low shore hardness this cover is suitable for cold weather climates
  • Provides full coverage of the towball and fixing bolts

Standard Towbar Electrical Socket Cover
Standard Towbar Electrical Socket Covers

  • This standard electrical socket cover will cover most towing electrical sockets
  • It protects the socket from dirt.

Custom Caps

Custom caps are available for special quick release coupling covers used to prevent dirt ingress.

Standard Materials Used

  • Standard Black 9; 65 Shore for cold climate conditions
  • Standard Black 7; 85 Shore for a stronger supported profile shape.

Please take a look at the Technical Performance Material Summary Sheet. (PDF)