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Custom Dip Moulding

Runfold Plastics has experience of working with customers on customised projects, successfully designing and manufacturing custom profiles.

Custom dip moulding has the ability to profile custom shapes that could not be achieved by the injection moulding process. This is due to the ability of the PVC moulding material to stretch over the forming core of the required profile. The pictures below show good examples of this process technology.

View the Dip Moulding process below

Custom dip moulding projects have included:
Hand protectors for gas nozzles used at petrol filling stations.
Protective housing for fall arrester retractor.
PVC protective casing for health and safety protection on hydraulic equipment.
PVC protective jacket for use with an electronic device protecting electronics within a high humidity and water environment.

Custom dip moulding product examples:

Plastic Coating

The dip moulding process can also be used for plastic coating over metal substrates. Products include plastic coating of handles, lead weights and wire forms.