3D Printing of Prototype Custom Dip Moulding Tools

Runfold Plastics 3D Printing of prototype custom dip moulding tools
Custom Dip Moulding is Runfold Plastics’ USP. To assist us in this we continue to produce prototype tools using our 3D printer.
Following our design specialist’s knowledge of tools, we design our customers’ tools for manufacture generally in Aluminium – for its weight. To get to this stage normally we have our 3D printer making a full size mould.
From this castings can be made directly making the first off samples far quicker than previously.
Our printer is normally in use running off some sample tool model.
At Runfold Plastics we pride ourselves as one of the biggest custom moulding providers, with machines that cover small batches, heavy tools, large batches or light tools. This enhances our range of offerings. If you have a requirement for 10, 1000 or 10,000 moulding – we can help.
Please email or call to discuss any production requirements: