Shortlisted: Scott Burgess for Mentor of the Year and Runfold Plastics for Best Apprentice Employer (SME)

Scott Burgess shortlisted Mentor of the Year - Runfold Plastics shortlisted Best Apprentice Employer SME

To continue on our celebrations, we are proud to announce that Runfold’s Operations Director Scott has been shortlisted for mentor of the year! Not only that but Runfold Plastics has been shortlisted for the award of Best Apprentice Employer (SME).

Scott has been involved in PETA himself as an apprentice over multiple courses, which enables him to provide the best experience to his new apprentices coming through the ranks. Having the physical example of ‘hard work pays off’ as a mentor provides the highest level of inspiration and support to all of the apprentices within Runfold and also across the whole team.

It means a tremendous amount to the Runfold team to be recognised as one of the top employers for apprenticeships, and we strive to be the best in all aspects of the business.