Coil Covers for Water Meters

Coil Covers


One of the components found in water meters used for measuring water flow within pipes is a coil winding that requires a set insulation level.


Our customer required a flexible moulding for a large range to cover a variety of sizes of coil. The coil had to be insulated to prevent outside interference. However, the cover had to provide a minimum amount of insulation in order for the device to give the correct reading. The cover had to be easy fit and cost effective.


Our custom dip moulding process provides the solution to mould a profile as shown in the image. Various sizes of the mould were required and our in-house tooling capability meant that we could provide fast low cost tooling. Prototypes of all the sizes were sent to the customer. Once these were approved production began on high volume quantities.


Our customer selected us to produce this product range due to our experience in product design, low cost tool capability and fast project times.