Custom Shrouds for Link Box and Overhead Cables, a Split Moulding Design with Electrical Protection

Custom Shrouds


Vinyl plastic electrical shrouds are widely used in the electrical industry for LV and HV usage. The dip moulding process and insulation properties of PVC make this an efficient solution.


We were approached by a customer looking for protective shrouding for live line splicing in link boxes. The yellow cable in the image required protective shrouding in which the PVC had to meet electrical protection requirements.


Using our in-house design team, tooling capability and dip moulding process we were able to quickly find a cost effective solution.

For this application the moulding had to be flexible and cover the part. The moulding also needed the facility to be secured around the part. The design was a split moulding, with a web edging which would be easy to install and securely fixed. With Runfold Plastics cost effective tooling capability and fast lead time a prototype was made.

The PVC used had a shore hardness which provided durability and flexibility. Once the prototype had been approved the project moved to full production.


The customer was able to have a cost effective, secure and reliable product which met electrical protection requirements.