Hydrophilic Coated Catheters for Bowel Irrigation

When using medical devices such as catheters, the insertion and removal can be affected by the frictional forces occurring at the device-body interface.  This friction can increase the risk of inflammation, tissue damage and discomfort for the patient. Procedure times can also be prolonged. Runfold Plastics, supported by our raw material supplier is committed to

Runfold Plastics Celebrating 40 Years

Runfold Plastics is celebrating 40 years. Founded in 1976 by the late Mr Maurice Dance, the company was based in Runfold, a small Surrey village.  Runfold Plastics is now located in Liphook, Hampshire. We have continued with our manufacturing process of dip moulding whilst offering new techniques and processes for finding solutions. The anniversary is an opportunity to thank

Dowel Bar Sleeves

Dowel bar sleeves are used to provide a debonded dowelled joint in reinforced concrete construction. The plastic sleeves around dowel bars in expansion joints minimises the frictional resistance between the bar and the surrounding concrete. Runfold Plastics manufactures dowel bar sleeves in flexible PVC.

Electronic Control Covers

A leading manufacturer of industrial gas burners was experiencing faults with the electronic controllers. This was a result of high pressure jet washing in the environment in which the controllers are used. The existing internal gasket seal was unable to prevent total stoppage of water ingress.

New Busbar Transformer Covers

We were asked by our customer, a transformer manufacturer, to be involved in the R&D of a new range of protective covers for busbar bushing. The existing busbar transformer covers being used were difficult and time consuming to assemble. In addition, the covers were also expensive.